Creality CR Motherboard RET6 v1.1.03


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Creality CR Motherboard RET6 v1.1.03

32bit Silent Motherboard Chipset model is RET6.

Genuine Creality 3D® Replacement Part.

Motherboard will be shipped with test firmware installed, so you’ll need to flashing with the correct firmware and specifications for your CR Series, this is the buyers responsibility.

If you need some help we’ll guide you the best we can if its possible if no modifications to the printer as we don’t have all the firmware. We’re unable to compile custom firmware for you as this takes time and is the buyer responsibility, other than that it’s a relatively easy process to find firmware and install it.

Firmware can be found for almost every model on the manufacturers website.


If you’re unable to install firmware using the 8Gb Micro SD Card and USB Adapter Supplied with the printer we advise you do a surface scan of your Micro SD card for Bad Sectors, If you have Bad Sectors the printer wont install the firmware correctly and will also cause you problems during printing, so just bin it. We recommend purchasing an 8Gb or 16Gb Micro SD and try again setting it up as a FAT32 MBR Partition with a 4k Unit Allocation and the copy and paste the .bin file. Please be aware you must change the .bin file each time you try and install the firmware file otherwise the printer may ignore it, this is easily done by just renaming it to what ever ( firmware.bin to firmware1.bin etc..)

30 Days Warranty –  Our warranty covers all defects with the item. If your item fails or has problems within the warranty period you can contact us.

Damage/Failure due to improper installation, improper usage, failure resulting from an issue with the machine the part is installed on, 3rd party products connected to our item, and/or modification of the item are not covered under warranty.

Electrostatic Discharge equipment must be used when fitting this item, failure to use will result in no warranty (Photo evidence of all Certified ESD Gloves, ESD Mat Earthed via Mains , ESD Wristband with the Motherboard will be required for warranty purposes).

We will not accept any liability for any injury caused when fitting this item due to it having exposed electronic /electrical components. 

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Dimensions 16 × 11 × 2.5 cm


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